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2011-06-15 10:26 am
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that's why I haven't written a lot, 忙しいだから
で、忙しくない時は I'm busy playing outside hahaha

-went so many times to inakaaaaa 田舎最高!!!
-went to oita, nagasaki, nagoya, kitaq, fukuoka, osaka, kyoto, shimonoseki  東京行きたくない 笑
-went to see iruka-chan and play with youchien no kodomo~
-went to onsen and hang out with so many ojiichan and obaachan hahaha
-teaching english to japanese kids
-saw TAO perform fffffff :D
-and other random stuff

I'm going 田植え (rice planting) this sunday yay

I hope my cold is gone by then!
and my bfriend is coming in two months or so, aaaaa
I need to write my 論文 before that...
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2009-10-27 11:23 pm
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I'm supposed to write about a fictional character that had a big change in his life for a Kreativitätsubung for the german class.
Here we go:

Brigitt (33) hat jahrelang als Friseurin gearbeitet. Sie war nicht selbständing. Sie arbeitetebei eine grosse kosmetische Firma in Paris, aber mit ihrem Chef konnte sie nicht zu recht kommen. Jetzt is sie Greenpeace-Aktivistin und für sie, könnte es nicht besser sein. "Also ich hatte schon lange vor, meinen Job hinzuschmissen weil jeden Tag so anstrengend war. Aber ich wusste nicht was ich machen sollte. Eigentlich wollte ich am liebsten nach Mexiko reisen und ein Tacos Geschäft aufmachen. Glücklicherweise habe ich einem Greenpeace-Aktivist eine Haarschnitt gemacht und hat mir viel über GP erzählt. Endlich hat er mir überzeugt, bei GP anzumelden. Ich habe alles verlassen und jetzt sitze ich auf der Strasse aber es ist viel besser als Tacos in Mexiko verkaufen."

Das war's.
I won't hand it in untli next week and by that time won't even remember what I wrote and won't care anymore so any corrections now will be greatly appreciated m(_ _)m

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2009-10-24 01:28 am
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I'm starting to ship Dean/Sam Sam/Dean very hard.
And I've only seen like 4, 5 episodes so far.

I gotta get me the DVDs
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2009-08-24 10:41 pm
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I almost forgot

I got too lazy to edit my other post so I'll make a new one!

I think it's time to come out and say... I'm @ pupee! orz
I can explain... )
It's embarrassing that I'm having so much fun with this ;_;
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2009-08-11 11:50 pm
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Ich habe gerade einen Film auf Schwitzerdütch (Züridüütsch) gesehen. Grüezi, Merssi, Aufwiederluege fffff Schweitzerdeutsch finde ich lustig.

I couldn't understand half of it though, it was fun~!

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2009-08-07 01:00 am
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I just wish I hadn't been the only one taking it so others would believe me :/ I just feel so proud since Präteritum and Perfekt forms of the verbs are the hardest for me and I aced all of them *_*
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2009-07-12 09:37 pm
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aaaaah! HIMARUYA (Hetalia's author) posted this picture on his blog.

I immediately recognized the wine museum and LOL also immediately scanned the background to see if the chair lift was there and ffffffff there it is! So apparently Rüdesheim IS a magnet for japanese hahaha. I MISS DROSSELGASE, THE WEINACHTSMARKT, THE WIIIIINE.

Anyway Rüdesheim is a little town along the Rhein river, it's like DISNEYLAND FOR GRANNIES. It's so awesome, and the best part is that it was only 4 or 5 towns (or 2 or 3 stops with the train) away from Hattenheim (where I used to live when i studied in Germany). Sigh, it goes easily on my top list of best places in Germany. So yeah, Himaruya did well on stopping there.

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2009-07-08 01:11 am
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2009-07-04 06:54 pm


Apparently I'll be going to see Miyavi in october cause Mirna is fan and I'm gonna accompany her. I know like 1 song (señor, señora, señorita) and it's cause drug_holic once mentioned she couldn't stop looping it and got me hooked too |D
Sorry Miyavi (Miyabi?) I fail but I'll still pretend I know your songs!
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2009-07-03 01:38 am
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Cat pics

While Sailor Moon is still recovering, she spends a lot of time inside the house. I think she's having fun.

I don't know how she does that either )
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2009-05-27 11:44 pm
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2009-05-22 01:59 am
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Re: Orepara 2008

Shou-chan sang his old ones too like lazy mind (etc) I went iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih~

I'm sleepy I'll make more sense tomorrow.

I'm on DW! [personal profile] dragonheroine 
Please add me~ I have no friends hahaha.